The Safety Competencies


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a broad cadre of content experts have developed the patient safety competencies framework that identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by all health care professionals. Medavie Health Services has reviewed these competencies and has recognized their value and validity.

    We have begun the process of developing a strategy to integrate these competencies within our quality, educational and oversight activities throughout our operating companies. In order to ensure these competencies become part of the practice of our frontline health care providers we strongly believe that they must first be firmly adopted and understood within the management and system framework.

    The implementation of these competencies marks the beginning of marvellous journey as well as a partnership amongst like minded, patient centered organizations.


Our activities to date include:

  • The Atlantic Paramedic Academy has adopted the competencies and is currently developing a strategy for integrating them within the PCP/ACP curricula.
  • We have begun including these competencies within our clinical quality activities and will be reinforcing them for specific case reviews.
  • We are currently developing a strategy to orientate all management staff to the competencies and their value.